Thoko Ngubeni

My name is Goodness Tokozile Ngubeni. I am 50 years old. I met Albert Johnson in 2005. He came to advise me in terms how to save money and other policies. I took a risk of surrendering some policies which were long BUT have not much benefits e.g. funeral policy which was more than 9 years but the value was not good.

I cancelled those policies and engaged myself with new policies that would benefit me. A year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I took all the treatment required that is Chemo and Radio Therapy.

Upon completion as I had a dread decease cover I had to claim. I was offered 20% of the claim and I consulted my financial adviser AJ and he negotiated for me and I was paid 80% thereafter. To date I appreciate him so much that he has helped me so much that I can refer other people to invest their monies. I can also confirm that knowledge is power so that we can face the challenges that we face in our daily life. I would like to thank my Creator God who has made it possible that I am still alive and I am continuing to invest and should you like to have more about money and investments and policies contact AJ.

I would advise everybody who is working to review the status of their finance and get AJ to advise and act on the advice. VIVA AJ VIVA-


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