Think About the People who Depend on You…

The cost of living is always on the rise, and if you have someone who is financially dependent on you in any way- be they a spouse, child or elderly relative, it’s your responsibility to ensure they will be financially secure if you die.

It’s one thing to plan to care for your loved ones while you are still alive, but who will provide for them if you suddenly pass away?

Let Your Family Maintain Their Standard of Living

South Africans are currently uninsured by approximately 15 trillion rand, and what’s more frightening is that many of them are not even aware of the financial pitfalls that could await them or their families.

You obviously want the best for your family, which is why making sure that you have enough life cover will ensure that they still have enough to keep your family house, go to private school and drive the same vehicle after you’re gone.

In many cases, widows and widowers experience dramatic lifestyle changes as a result of inadequate life cover. Not once in all of my years handling estates has anyone ever commented that their relative left them with ‘too much’ life cover.

Well Worth the Small Monthly Investment

Life cover is not an expensive product to have at all.  In fact, it is the cheapest risk product that you can add to your existing policy.

Let me know if you want to discuss your existing life cover, and see where we can add a little now, to ensure that your family has more than enough in future.

You can Click Here to enter your details, or those of someone to whom you’d like to refer me, and I’ll get in touch.


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